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(Aug 01, 2017)

Welcome to the Guinea Bissau Ministry of Health

The Government's principal advisor on health and disability: improving, promoting and protecting the health of all Guinean Bissau people!!!

Word from the Minister:

The Ministry has of recent seen a number of transformations, all intended to improve service delivery in the country. Through this website, the sector will improve communication and ensure smooth flow of information to our stakeholders and the general public world over.

If you want to participate to the Health development in Guinea Bissau, or donate funds, or supply drugs, consumable, etc…
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Guinea Bissau: The Health System

Health systems are defined as comprising all the organizations, institutions and resources that are devoted to producing health actions. A health action is defined as any effort, whether in personal health care, public health services or through inter-sectorial initiatives, whose primary purpose is to improve health. But while improving health is clearly the main objective of a health system, it is not the only one. The objective of good health itself is really twofold: the best attainable average level – goodness – and the smallest feasible differences among individuals and groups – fairness. Goodness means a health system responding well to what people expect of it; fairness means it responds equally well to everyone, without discrimination

National health systems have three overall goals:

1. Good health,

2. Responsiveness to the expectations of the population,

3. Fairness of financial contribution.

WHO describes health systems as having six building blocks: service delivery; health workforce; information; medical products, vaccines and technologies; financing; and leadership and governance (stewardship). The 2008 Ouagadougou Declaration on Primary Health Care and Health Systems in Africa focuses on nine major priority areas, namely Leadership and Governance for Health; Health Services Delivery; Human Resources for Health; Health Financing; Health Information Systems; Health Technologies; Community Ownership and Participation; Partnerships for Health Development; and Research for Health.

This section of the analytical profile is structured along the lines of the WHO Framework and the priorities described by the 2008 Ouagadougou Declaration.

3. The Health System

3.1 Health system outcomes

3.2 Leadership and governance

3.3 Community ownership and participation

3.4 Partnerships for health development

3.5 Health information, evidence and knowledge

3.6 Research

3.7 Health financing system

3.8 Service delivery

3.9 Health workforce

3.10 Medical products, vaccines, infrastructures and equipment

3.11 General country health policies

3.12 Universal coverage


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