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(Aug 01, 2017)

Tourism & Craft - Guinea Bissau Africa | Mayor Overseas Office Bissau | Bissau City

Welcome to the Guinea Bissau Ministry of Tourism and Craft

The Government's principal advisor on Tourism: improving, promoting and developing this sector for all Guinean Bissau people!!!

Word from HE. The Minister & Welcome to Magical Guinea Bissau yearly Even:

Guinea Bissau has diverse attractions to offer to our visitors.  It is only a few countries around the world where one can relax on pristine sandy beaches and be able to see wildlife in all forms within a short distance.  Guinea Bissau has several National Parks and Reserves all with abundant wildlife.  The spectacular wildebeest migration that occurs every year in Guinea Bissau’s most visited Bijagos Island National Reserve is referred to as the new wonder of the world.

If you want to participate to the Tourism development in Guinea Bissau, contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   

The scenery of Guinea Bissau is unique, the Great beaches V and the wild life on the islands, are breath-taking.  There are myriads of activities which visitors can enjoy including bird, animals, watching and adventure.  Guinea Bissau is also a land endowed with cultural diversity, pleasant shine weather all the year round and more importantly, hospitable people.

The diversity of Guinea Bissau’s tourism products further includes, ecotourism, sports and water based tourism, conference tourism and home stay tourism, etc….  In the northern part of the country, we have the cradle of mankind from where we all originated, making Guinea Bissau a leader in heritage tourism.  Guinea Bissau therefore the ultimate destination offering unparalleled variety of travel and holiday experiences.  As our visitors tell us, it is indeed a magical destination.

Tourism Policy Division - Objectives of the Division

•Formulation and implement the National Tourism Policy

•Formulate and oversee the implementation of the National Tourism Strategy every five years

•Implement Tourism Satellite Account project

•Participate in the implementation of Vision 2030 Sector Plans

•Develop a framework for tourism development and management planning to inform county tourism development

•Develop Integrated Tourism Area Development Plans to enhance uniformity and sustainable use of shared tourism resources across Counties

Tourism Relations Division - Objectives of the Section

•Participation in the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) policy decision making processes

•Implementation of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) resolutions and policies

•Collaborate with other UN specialized organs such as UNEP, UNDP, UN-HABITAT, UNCTAD, ILO, etc.

•Ensure Guinea Bissau’s tourism interests are well taken care of within the EAC and other regional economic blocs such as COMESA, NEPAD, etc.

•Facilitate and coordinate international and local tourism trade negotiations

•Coordinate Inter-ministerial engagement to address cross-cutting issues including security, infrastructure, energy, environment, etc. that affect tourism

•Coordinate Multi-Stakeholder forums for the purpose of interaction, sharing information and ensuring harmonization of tourism development

•Identification and promotion of programs and projects for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) to enhance sustainable development of the tourism sector.

•Coordinate development and implementation of Tourism Crisis Management Strategy

•Establish and oversee the management of Tourism Sector Safety, Communications and Crisis Management

•Centre in collaboration with the government agencies and other stakeholders such as Guinea Bissau Wildlife Service and Tourism Federation

•Enhance collaboration between relevant Government security agencies, private sector and local communities in provision of security and safety to both hosts and visitors.

•Liaison with Tourism Police Unit in matters of tourism security

•Monitoring of travel advisories and respond to emerging threats.

•Ensure continuous training on safety and security matters in the tourism industry

Tourism Product Development Division. Objectives

•Formulate strategies for effective tourism product development and diversification

•Promote and encourage the development of diverse tourism product across the supply chain focusing on value addition.

•Promote modern and cost effective uptake of e-tourism

•Undertake tourism marketing intelligence research and market analysis to inform marketing policies and strategies

•Produce, document and disseminate of tourism products and services information

•Establish Tourism Information Centre’s and signage’s.

•Sensitize and create awareness on tourism products development   for SMEs in Tourism.


Send us an email to: info-gov@guinebissaurepublic.com