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(Aug 01, 2017)

What is Guinea Bissau Expansion Corporation

Guinea Bissau Expansion Corporation, is a consortium connected with the Government of The Republic of Guinea Bissau, and is a foreign trade company since it was founded in 1978; its core business has been to develop and conduct international trade operations and to provide services to exporters and importers in different countries, with special emphasis on Anglophile companies.

Apart from its high specialization and its experience in this type of operations, Guinea Bissau Expansion Corporation offers to its clients the use of its networks of representative offices and local consultants, and the worldwide support of The Guinea Bissau Government, which gives it an efficient presence in al large number of markets in Africa using it as a Hub and access to the complete range of the group’s financial services.


  • Promotion of Anglophile companies in African foreign markets, with special emphasis on collating information and pinpointing commercial objectives.
  • Conducting specific market studies.
  • Detecting business opportunities in Guinea Bissau
  • Support in the development and management of business spotted by the client.
  • Constitution of export consortia.
  • Selection of potential associates

Assistance in contracts and documents

  • Assistance in the preparation and presentation of bids and proposals of all types.
  • Negotiation of bids of contracts.
  • Monitoring the procedures and requirement necessary for contracts and financial agreements to come into effect.
  • Management of the document related to foreign trade projects (facilities for supporting exports, licenses and permits, etc..)


  • Assistance in project financing
  • Design and structuring of the most suitable financial schemes of each project (location of sources, negotiation with financial institutions, implementation, etc ...
  • Assessment of commercial and political risks.
  • Identification and negotiation of the cover available for these risks (guarantees, insurance policies in the private market, types of official export credit insurance, etc.)
  • Project financing
  • Barter and countertrade

Barter and Countertrade.

Guinea Bissau Expansion Corporation, has developed its own techniques for the design and execution of the operation based on the exchange of goods and services, with their different formulas: countertrade, buy –back, barter, etc.. In all countries where conventional financial instrument are not available.

Guinea Bissau Expansion Corporation, takes part in the sale and repurchase of products (raw materials, consumer and industrial goods), risk hedging and the financial structuring most appropriate to each deal.

Associated services :

Apart from its specific services by trade facilities customer access and coordination with other associated departments and services in the Guinea Bissau expansion Group.

  • Gambia expansion Group
  • Consultants for Anglophile investments abroad.
  • Technical monitoring and execution of projects.
  • International trade financing
  • Export credits
  • Global trade finance
  • Forfeiting, export pre financing, discount of letters of credit, etc..

Principles for action

Guinea Bissau Expansion Corporation, studies each individual project, which originates through its own network of collaborators and agents or is presented by its clients, talking into account their specific needs and adapting the means available to the ends targeted by the client, while always seeking maximum hedging of risks and optimum results.

Since it was founded, Guinea Bissau Expansion Corporation has consistently fulfilled its client’s objectives, as is shown by the list of projects conducted in a large number of countries and sectors.

Areas of activity.

Guinea Bissau Expansion Corporation , either on its own account or by providing services to companies operating in a large number of countries, has conducted the activities listed above , paying special attention to the following geographical areas and sectors:

  • geographical areas
  • Sub-Saharan Africa


  • Mining
  • Tourism
  • Fishing
  • Construction
  • Casino
  • Bank
  • Food and agriculture
  • Shipbuilding
  • "Turnkey" plants of all types.
  • Complete industrial production lines and equipment
  • Electricity generation transmission and distribution
  • Oil extraction, production etc…..and gas pipelines.
  • Air and land transport
  • Construction of housing and public infrastructure works
  • Solid urban waste and environment protection
  • Education and health
  • Data processing and electronic equipment


In short, Guinea Bissau Expansion Corporation is in a position to perform the functions of commercial and financial advisor, agent and broker, associate in joint ventures, or principal in all types of operations related to foreign trade. Our main objective is to adapt our services to the needs of each client and project and, where relevant, to facilitate access to the global services of the group.

In this way, we can make a professional efficient contribution to the success of our clients in their international trade operations.


Send us an email to: info-gov@guinebissaurepublic.com