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(Aug 01, 2017)

Infrastructures - Guinea Bissau Africa | Mayor Overseas Office Bissau | Bissau City


“I recognize our roads need help, and I want complete streets that residents feel safe and secure on every day.  We have begun our analysis of a comprehensive roads plan and I will be the mayor that sees it to completion.” -  Bissau City Mayor

 When we became a City Councillor, we were determined to improve our public safety infrastructure, specifically, the fire stations. Since at the time many citizen didn’t consider it a priority,

 Newton is now in a multi-year process of renovating or replacing six fire stations.  In addition to the fire stations, Scott has been instrumental in modernizing the infrastructure of three elementary schools recently.

As an experienced manager and as City Mayor expert, we knows that investing in our community’s infrastructure is a wise use of taxpayers’ money. It improves public safety, increases people’s accessibility to their shared assets, meets state compliance standards, and raises the working conditions of public servants who keep our quality of life high.

As Mayor, we will:

• Continue strategic investment through our Capital Improvement Plan, which is a long-range strategy to finance infrastructure.

• Better address projects that are too small for our Capital Improvement Plan, but larger than what the annual budget provides for.

• Devote resources to preventive maintenance, which will ultimately save taxpayers’ money.

• Make our buildings as energy efficient as possible – to reduce costs and shrink our carbon footprint – by investing in lighting systems, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, and the thermal efficiency of our buildings.

• Expand our program of placing solar panels on city buildings and parking lots.


Bissau City is in the first year of a 10-year $100 million plan to improve our roads. Scott has fully supported this plan, which includes using proven preventive maintenance measures, such as techniques called crack sealing, microsurfacing, and hot in-place recycling.

The road plan incorporates “complete streets,” a strategy that Scott backs. Instead of simply repaving streets when the time comes, Bissau City has started looking at streets comprehensively: Should there be a buildout to slow traffic and shorten crosswalks to make them safer? Is the sidewalk accessible to people with disabilities, seniors, and people strolling with children? Is there a bike lane? Are the trees healthy?

Bissau City believes in the power of data to govern the city and improve people’s lives. Bissau City will use data from StreetScan, a sensor-based road inspection system, to strategically address where and how to improve our roads.

Bissau City will improve communication and coordination between the city and the utility companies so that, for example, the city doesn’t tear up a street one year to improve it, and a utility tears it up the next year for scheduled underground maintenance.


Bissau City is committed to making our trafic even more walkable and bikeable. Any parties can and and should invest in new connections to existing bike paths, better access to village centers and MBTA stations, and safer routes to schools. Bissau City wants to see more bike lanes and a bikeshare program, such as Hubway.

 Water, Sewer, Storm Water

Our water, sewer and storm water systems are not glamorous and they’re not visible but Bissau City knows that we must pay attention to and take care of them.

Much of this system dates back to the 1870s. As per consequence Bissau City will continue the ongoing renewal effort of this system, some of it aided by a software forecasting program.

Bissau City is in the second year of a 20-year water cleaning and lining program and in the third-year of a 11-year sewer inflow and infiltration program.  Bissau City will see these important upgrades and efficiency programs through completion so that in the long run we will save taxpayers money.

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