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(Aug 01, 2017)

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City of Port Bissau - Mayor's Office

 Challenges & Opportunities for 2017

At the Common Council meeting , the Bissau City Mayor Overseas Chairman  shared with Council members a brief presentation outlining the specific topics he and City leadership and staff will address at each Council meeting for the remainder of 2017. These topics are meant to highlight the "Challenges and Opportunities" before our City of Bissau Port  and challenges that we must work together to overcome the opportunities and we must work together to leverage.

At Council meetings, the focus will be upon forthcoming needs our City must fund and fund sooner rather than later. Accordingly, City leadership and staff members will do their very best to affix an anticipated expense to each area of need, and explain why in fact it is a need.

The remainder of the year will focus upon the revenue side of the equation, in short, how we as a City can generate the funding we need to fund the previously highlighted needs. This will be a candid assessment of our ability to address these issues and overcome these challenges with existing sources of revenue, and will illustrate the importance of driving economic growth for necessary additional (incremental) revenue.

This is an opportunity for City residents to learn more about the efforts of City leadership and staff to lead on these issues and move us toward solutions. This list of issues is only a starting point for dialogue; it is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the challenges and opportunities before us. We have accomplished much, but as a City, we have much more work to do.

 • The Historical Society’s Port Exploreum opened its doors in Spring 2015 to much well-deserved public celebration and fanfare. The Exploreum will celebrate our city’s very proud maritime past and local history while engaging visitors in its present and future. It represents a multi-million dollar investment on the part of countless individuals, corporations, foundations, and other groups – people who believe not just in the Historical Society, but the City it calls home. The Exploreum will have a profound impact on all aspects of Port – our downtown business district, our city business partners, our residents and visitors, and our educators and students! We celebrate the visionary leadership and impassioned commitment of Historical Society membership that made this a reality!

Collectively, all of us who live and work here are coming together to accomplish great things for our great city, and that will continue this New Year. We all can have an impact on our community, and we can all have a stake in its outcome. The time to be an active participant is now, in whatever manner you are able – WE NEED YOU! I assure you, your gifts of time (however much you can give!) and talent (whatever it may be!) are an investment in our city’s future and will pay dividends! If you are interested in helping, please let me know.

So again, THANK YOU for continuing to make us “Your Home Port!” I know I speak on behalf of our entire Council when I declare how truly honoured, proud, and privileged we are to be partnering with and serving on behalf of such generous, talented, and passionate people. Together, we will make Port EXCEPTIONAL!

**If you wish to participate in our socio economic development please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Send us an email to: info-gov@guinebissaurepublic.com